I come home from work hoping to enjoy a cool tasty treat on this 100 degree day, but instead my refrigerator is craping out. It’s barely five years old! It’s not a fancy model, white, simple, one would think that it should last longer. So now I’m freaking out. How much is it going to cost to fix, is it even fixable and how much will a new one cost? Then this has me thinking about the whole baby thing. If we can barely afford a new fridge how could we afford a kid? If we buy a fridge at full retail price that pretty much wipes out any saving we have. Savings that I have been hoarding away for the last few months in the hopes to have some sort of cushion should a car crap out. It’s things like this that make me think that having a kid isn’t in our cards. I know that you’re never ready to have kids but I feel like one needs to be more prepared than we are. I suppose I need to roll with the punches and cross my fingers that we win the lottery.