To add to my homeowner drama, yesterday as I was doing laundry I noticed water on the floor near the water heater. Fabulous, now we need to get a new water heater. What more can go wrong around this place and why does crap like this happen all at once??? So I spent the day stressed out about how we were going to pay for a new fridge and water heater. Such a waste of time for me because when I’m stressed like this I tend not to get anything done. I just mope around the house and watch endless hours of TV. Courtney and I stopped by this shop that sells used appliances for really cheap to see what they had in stock. This is one of the reasons I love Courtney, he has this ability to strike up conversations with people, like repair men, with no fear of saying anything stupid. I could never do that. So Courtney does just that with the refrigerator repair guy and asks if he could take a look at ours before we drop some cash on a new one. The repair guy came out, took a look at it and said it was a simple fix. After 30 minutes and $76 he was done, and we were spared from having to buy a new fridge. It was such a load off my shoulders! Now I could put that fridge money towards a new water heater. The bummer part is that we had to throw out a bunch of food but I can live with that.

I got a good nights sleep and I’m motivate again to get things done today. Being the nerd that I am, I leave you with a tribute to a great ad campaign that has come to an end: