I know how to temper chocolate and how to keep eggs from scrambling in my creme anglaise. I know how to change a flat tire and push start my car if the clutch is going out. I know how to make a quilt and do all sorts of crafty things. I know that I can be dark and twisty but listening to music always lifts the gloom. I know that I love my family and friends.

After thirty-nine years and countless years of school I haven’t figured out that I suck at taking tests. The past week I have been beating myself silly to learn linux in preparation for the RHCT exam. I didn’t even want to take the course with the exam but the guys a work urged me to do it. All week I’ve been stressing over the test this morning, confidence has never been a strong trait. I get into the test, completely nervous and guess what happens?? All this anxiety takes over and I completely forgot everything I learned this past week. After stumbling around for an hour I gave up and walked out. I’m a total failure. Great, I just got the email telling me that I suck. I hate when this happens, my ego gets so bruised and I’m completely embarrassed for months. This sucks. I don’t use linux everyday at work like most people in my class but I know that if I had more time to practice all the commands and labs I would have no problem taking the test. GRRR!

On to more happy thoughts…

Something that has been bringing me much joy and laughter this week has been the discovery of this, hyperboleandahalf. The recent entry, The Party, is something that Reilly would totally come up with when he has his surgery next week (I’ll go into that in a minute). Whole site is riot and totally worth a read.

Next week my five year old nephew, Reilly, will undergo heart surgery to fix a narrow aortic valve. Apparently he’s had it since birth and no one knew. It wasn’t until his mom took him to urgent care to get some antibiotics for a staff infection that they discovered something wasn’t quite right. The nurse took his blood pressure and it was sky high, even for an adult it was high. Cathy got him into the pediatrician the next day, same thing, but since he wasn’t showing any symptoms they suggested that he see a cardiologist. The cardiologist took his blood pressure in the leg and it was almost nonexistent. Next was the MRI which showed the narrowed valve. We’re all completely floored, something we totally never thought of. I guess it’s pretty common though, from what they tell us, typically its found in newborns a few days after birth. I’m confident that the surgery will go well but I’m still a little freaked that it’s all happening. Reilly is a ball of energy now, what will he be like after the surgery and has full blood flow?? I think we may be in for trouble.

On the craft front, this is where I am at with the second quilt:

Not too bad. I’m redoing some of the squares because my seams were way off but overall I’m pretty happy about it.

My sis and niece Maggie are arriving today for a nice ten day visit. I can’t wait to show Maggie the quilt, hopefully she will want to learn to sew while she’s here. Have a good weekend!