Man has it been a long time!

The holidays were great and very calm. It helped that Reilly was totally sick and barely moved off the couch, it made for a very peaceful Christmas day. Like many aunts and uncles we spoiled the twins and Maggie. I also hand made scarves and napkins for the rest of the family. Overall it was a great holiday.

Now time for the not so great news. Courtney’s Granny Fern passed away very suddenly in January. She had been here for a visit with the family and all was great. I actually thought she looked better than ever. The moment she got back to Taos she became very ill. Courtney’s aunt had been taking care of her and when she went to check on her, she had stopped breathing. She was rushed to the hospital, the docs found fluid in her lungs. They were able to get that under control but Granny never woke up.

We’re all pretty shaken up. I knew that she was going to need to leave us soon, I just wasn’t ready for it to be right then. I honestly felt that she would always be around. Granny was 92 years young and she lived a VERY full life. I am so grateful to have been a part of her life, she was more my Granny than my Nana. She saw the good in people and in life. I will miss her so much.

I just wanted to get that out. I’ll write more this evening.