My therapist pointed something out to me in our last visit, my ability to mother extends far beyond my family. It made me think, maybe this is my path in life? My family and friends need me, not all the time but when they do, they really need my help. It makes sense. I’m about to do something for a friend and keeping it to myself has been the worst. It’s nothing terrible, but it is something that is completely unexpected. My friend will be totally surprised. And that where I find my greatest happiness, taking care of the ones I love most.

I met with an academic advisor this past week to map out my course load. I have fourteen more classes to finish before I even transfer to ASU where I will finish my Computer Science degree. CRIPES! I can really only take two, maybe three courses a semester which means that I will be fifty by the time I finish. It seems so daunting, so unattainable. But that’s OK because no one ever asks how long you’ve had your degree, they just want you to have one.

I do want to say that my heart goes out to the people of Norway.