Its be a while I know. I say this a lot but things just don’t seem like they’re going to slow down anytime soon. Uggggh!

Today is day one of a much needed vacation from work. I love the direction of where I’m going at work but I really needed a break. Time to recharge. I’m taking on more technical work at the office which has its good and bad to it. The good, I’m learning a TON and I’m being exposed to so many new opportunities. It’s all really exciting for a nerd like me. The bad, I work long hours and not that anyone asks that of me, I do it all on my own. My OCD kicks into gear and I have to have things perfect before I can leave. I hate that part.

School started this week. I started out with just seven credit hours, two classes, but I added one more at the last minute. I’m going to be fifty before I finish my degree. I just want it over already. So far it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too rough, lots of reading though. I think Biology is going to be a bit rough but the other two classes are a bit easier. I say this now, watch I’ll be crying over it in two weeks.

So tomorrow is the big day. 4 – 0. I think I’m gonna sleep all day.

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