Life gets in the way. Seriously.

Between my course load and working full time, updating this blog became less important. Lots of things fell by the wayside over the past year. The year of forty has had it challenges. Its been a slow process but imagining a life with out children of my own has been heartbreaking. I’ve also realized that I am not like most people my age. I’m still a bit immature and my life is still disorganized. I go through phases, around family events I agonize over my inability to get pregnant, yet when we were thinking about going to Coachella I was thrilled to not be hindered by kids. Its a vicious cycle.

Next is the house. We live in the house that Courtney grew up in and while I love it, it was built in 1955 thus it comes with a bit of maintenance. Over the past three years we tackle one big expensive project each spring. This year was to get the ventilation reworked to make the house a bit cooler in the summer. Just as we were starting this happened:

We had always planned to remodel the kitchen but the plumbing pulled the trigger for us. The remodel has two phases. Phase one, new plumbing, remodel bathrooms, replace kitchen ceiling and lighting. All that has been completed. We decided to try to get the mortgage refinanced to a lower rate and that is what is holding up the next phase. We’re learning a lot about home remodeling through this process, so far it’s not too horrible.

More pictures to come.