I’m putting on my southern accent for this blog entry.  Friday Night Lights (or as Dayle and fondly refer to it as the ‘I don’t want your life’ show) is one amazing show.  If you loved My So-Called Life you need to be watching this show.  Right now Tim Riggins and Coach Taylor need our help.  Tonight is the last prestrike episode and the show is in danger of being cancelled.  That means no more Riggins people.  How is can cubical girls like myself and Dayle going to make it through our corporate driven work week knowing that Tim Riggins will not be waiting for us on Friday evening?  It’s a pain I hope that Dayle and I never have to experience.  Kristen from e!Online has graciously given us three easy steps to save Tim Riggins from winding up in a PBR soaked strip bar.  Here is how you can help:

Three Easy Steps to FNL Addiction/Salvation

1. Watch the Friday Night Lights Finale tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC:  You don’t have to know anything in advance. This is not Lost; there’s no complicated mythology to learn. If you’ve ever been a person, known a person or wondered about becoming a person, you’ll get Friday Night Lights.

2. Watch Other Episodes:  They are available on’s Episode Rewind or in the season-one DVD (a ridiculous $18.99 on for 22 episodes), and every single click and purchase counts. You don’t even have to watch in order. If you just want to watch one to test the water, I recommend the season-one eps “Full Hearts” (Matt & Julie’s first date), “Black Eyes & Broken Hearts” (I dare you not to cry at the end!), “Blinders” (the powder puff game), “Mud Bowl” (it’s what it sounds like)…Hell, just watch one, and then good luck not watching them all.

3. Spread the Word!  Email this article to everyone you know who needs help in seeing the Lights! Let them know you are concerned for their own well-being and that you will help them do whatever it takes to get on board with this amazing show. Then wear your Panthers number 7 jersey with pride, try to keep your drool over Taylor Kitsch to a minimum, and remember…

“Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Cancel!”