Winding down

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One holiday down, two more to go. Thanksgiving was great. It was simple and stress free which made it all the more enjoyable. Checkout the turkey:

Reilly, Christopher & Courtney

I was also busy making these quilted advent calendars for the kids:

Reilly was asleep when we dropped them off but he woke up at 5am the next morning totally excited and tried to wake up Jack who was fast asleep.

School is almost over, finals on Monday. And thankfully we can use notes! I can do it if I have notes. I really struggled with the last few weeks of this algebra class but I think it more of how the instructor presented the material. I’m used to having a syllabus and everything outlined ahead of time, this instructor didn’t do that. Then he decided not to follow the chapters in our book. I was pretty much flying blind at this point. I can’t wait for it to be over.

I have many more crafty things to get done before Christmas. I’ll post pics the day after.

Enjoy the holiday season!

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Does posting that picture make everyone forget that I have been MIA lately?

What can I say, life has been getting in the way. There is a project going on at work that has been working me to the bone! And its a project with DRAMA, which makes me not want to be on the project anymore. By the time I get home I am spent.

I have been crafty which feels really good. Check it out:

I finished my very first quilt! I’d take a close up pic but then you could see all my little mistakes. This was a really good pattern for me to get my feet wet. I learned how my sewing machine works and it totally helps to use the right foot for the job. I started out with the wrong foot and couldn’t figure out why my measurements weren’t coming together. I didn’t notice the foot until the end. Oh well! The Whimsy quilt is still in production, I just haven’t had time to work on it. I have two holiday projects that need to be done ASAP. I’ve been wanting to make advent calendars for the kids for a while now. I came across this project a few weeks ago and it’s taken me a while to collect all the fabrics, from Freshly Pieced. Cute right? This is where I’m at:

I’ve got 48 pockets done, 24 more to go. I used the Riley Blake Colorful Christmas charms for two of calendars and Sheri Berry 12 Joys of Christmas charms. I think the kids are going to love them. I’m going to stop by Smeeks to get candy for all the pockets.

The next Christmas project is something for my sister-in-laws. I’m not sure if either of them read this blog so I’ll have to come up with a creative way to share. More to come!

What holiday projects is everyone working on?

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Keeping my head above water

On October 12, 2010, in It's a All About me, by elisabet

I have slacked a bit on the blog posting lately which is part of my overall problem, I have too much going on.

I had a really great visit with my sister and my niece Maggie. Maggie is growing up to be an amazing young lady. When she looks at the world she sees rainbows and twinkling stars. When I was her age I had so much more to deal with, I’m glad that Maggie has the opportunity to stay young. The twins loved having someone around to play with, its funny to watch how they act around her. On our way to the movies Reilly asked me if Maggie was going to visit him in the hospital. I said yes, she and Jack were going to visit. Reilly then whispered in my ear that he didn’t want Maggie to visit, when I asked why he said that he didn’t want Maggie to see him in the hospital. It seemed as if he was thinking that he didn’t want Maggie to see him connected to tubes, like he didn’t want to scare her. Such a grown up thought for a five year old. Reilly is recovering just fine. You would never know that he had heart surgery.

School and work have been keeping crazy busy. I just finished one project and now another one is gearing up. This project will have a great deal of visibility with upper level business types which makes me nervous. I came in to the project at the tail end for the pilot phase and as we are looking at the numbers I wish someone would have brought me in much earlier. There are so many roadblocks trying to make sense of all the numbers, it’s like they didn’t realize how the design was going to affect the reporting numbers. So frustrating. School is going well, nothing out of the ordinary which is good. The more I progress through the semester the more apparent it is that this is the road I am suppose to be on.

I got some bad news last week, the therapist that I have been seeing for the past eight years passed away suddenly. She went in for knee surgery which went as planned but during recovery her heart gave out. I don’t think I’ve fully processed that she’s gone. She was HUGE part of my life, she helped me deal with my daddy issues, my confidence issues, and everything that life throws at me. The last few years she became more of a life coach for me, I don’t think I would be where I am without her help. Now I’m on the daunting task of finding another therapist, one who gets me. I have an appointment at the end of the month with a new therapist, hopefully it works out.

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I know how to temper chocolate and how to keep eggs from scrambling in my creme anglaise. I know how to change a flat tire and push start my car if the clutch is going out. I know how to make a quilt and do all sorts of crafty things. I know that I can be dark and twisty but listening to music always lifts the gloom. I know that I love my family and friends.

After thirty-nine years and countless years of school I haven’t figured out that I suck at taking tests. The past week I have been beating myself silly to learn linux in preparation for the RHCT exam. I didn’t even want to take the course with the exam but the guys a work urged me to do it. All week I’ve been stressing over the test this morning, confidence has never been a strong trait. I get into the test, completely nervous and guess what happens?? All this anxiety takes over and I completely forgot everything I learned this past week. After stumbling around for an hour I gave up and walked out. I’m a total failure. Great, I just got the email telling me that I suck. I hate when this happens, my ego gets so bruised and I’m completely embarrassed for months. This sucks. I don’t use linux everyday at work like most people in my class but I know that if I had more time to practice all the commands and labs I would have no problem taking the test. GRRR!

On to more happy thoughts…

Something that has been bringing me much joy and laughter this week has been the discovery of this, hyperboleandahalf. The recent entry, The Party, is something that Reilly would totally come up with when he has his surgery next week (I’ll go into that in a minute). Whole site is riot and totally worth a read.

Next week my five year old nephew, Reilly, will undergo heart surgery to fix a narrow aortic valve. Apparently he’s had it since birth and no one knew. It wasn’t until his mom took him to urgent care to get some antibiotics for a staff infection that they discovered something wasn’t quite right. The nurse took his blood pressure and it was sky high, even for an adult it was high. Cathy got him into the pediatrician the next day, same thing, but since he wasn’t showing any symptoms they suggested that he see a cardiologist. The cardiologist took his blood pressure in the leg and it was almost nonexistent. Next was the MRI which showed the narrowed valve. We’re all completely floored, something we totally never thought of. I guess it’s pretty common though, from what they tell us, typically its found in newborns a few days after birth. I’m confident that the surgery will go well but I’m still a little freaked that it’s all happening. Reilly is a ball of energy now, what will he be like after the surgery and has full blood flow?? I think we may be in for trouble.

On the craft front, this is where I am at with the second quilt:

Not too bad. I’m redoing some of the squares because my seams were way off but overall I’m pretty happy about it.

My sis and niece Maggie are arriving today for a nice ten day visit. I can’t wait to show Maggie the quilt, hopefully she will want to learn to sew while she’s here. Have a good weekend!

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The next 365 days

On August 26, 2010, in It's a All About me, by elisabet

I’m 39 today, 365 days closer to 40. Normally getting a year older doesn’t bother me but this birthday feels so different. The last year has been a draining emotional ride. Going from not being able to get pregnant to two miscarriages almost sucked the life out of me. I’m still not hopeful that a baby will be in our future. I decided that we’re not going to do anything extreme to have a baby, no IVF or insemination. And there is an end date for how long I will focus on this goal, 365 days. If it doesn’t happen by the big 40, then it just wasn’t in my future and I will move on. Even as I am writing this I’m in tears, I’m saying good-bye to a dream but I believe that giving it an end date it will help me see the light at the end of the tunnel which will keep me sane. I’ll trade in the minivan for a mini cooper and drive off into the sunset.

At the last minute I decided to go back to school. I’ve been wanting to finish getting my BS for a long time but something else always got in the way. I’m going part-time, two classes, algebra and sociology. Classes started this week and I’m the oldest person in the class. Things so far are going well but I’m only two days in to it. Give it three weeks and I’ll be pulling my hair out. It’s all good though, I feel like this is the path I should be on right now.

I have the next two days off, I’m going to enjoy my special day with family and friends.

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