The final stretch

On April 23, 2011, in It's a All About me, When Life Gets in the Way, by elisabet

So I’m down to the last two weeks of this semester. I am so happy for all the madness to end. Seriously, I feel like I have been running non-stop since January and last month has just been insanely busy. I don’t have anything crafty to share because I haven’t been able to make anything. This is how my days have been going:

4:00am: First alarm goes off, fumble for the snooze bar
4:15am: Alarm goes off again, nudge Courtney to get up; go back to sleep
5:30am: CRAP! Push Courtney out of bed and into the shower
5:45am: Time for me to actually get my ass out of bed
6:30am: Mumble to myself that I wanted to leave the house by now but I barely have myself put together at this point
7:00am: Run around the house; plug iphone, ipad, headphones, etc to sync and charge
7:06am: All the dogs scurry around me as I get their breakfast ready
7:10am: Make sure Phoebe didn’t bully Winston into giving up his food; checkout garden, water plants, and bitch about how the tomato seeds aren’t sprouting yet
7:15am: WTF! My podcasts didn’t sync yet!
7:30am: Yes, that’s how long it took for everything to sync; curse Qwest DSL
7:32am: Finally out the door
In my beige cube getting ready for a crazy day
9:00am: Finished first scan of new emails; Already pissed and wishing I could kick people in the teeth.
11:00am: IM work friend for lunch; I want salad, she wants Taco Hell, we go our separate ways for lunch
1:00pm: Thankful that I had salad for lunch; No afternoon ‘I ate the whole thing’ food coma
3:23pm: The PM that I was to have a meeting with at 2pm wants to meet now when I have 7 minutes before I need to leave for school; Meeting DECLINED sucker!
4:00pm: School; Wonders why all the teachers sound like the adults from a Charlie Brown episode
8:45pm: Scrounge around for something semi-healthy for dinner but wishing I had stopped at Jack in the Box on the
10:30pm: way home
10:35pm: Start watching Conan monalogue
10:36pm: I’m out

And then it’s the same crap all over again. I think my problem is that I have all these things that I need to do like work, school and house cleaning and all the fun stuff gets put off until the weekend. By that point I am dead tired and have no motivation to do anything that involves me moving more than a foot away from the couch.

I did manage to get tickets to see Mumford & Sons in Tempe tomorrow. So excited about that show! We didn’t go to Coachella this year and part of me was sad about that but the pushing 40 yr old me is happy to not have rub icy hot on my legs because I spent the entire weekend standing.

Two more weeks. I can make it. Then I’m totally scheduling a couple of late night scrapbooking crops and/or quilting classes.

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Music happiness

On January 20, 2010, in It's a All About me, by elisabet

The lineup for Coachella was announced today and I’m pretty excited about going this year. We’ve missed the last two years because of the wedding planning, hopefully we can get the finances together to go and have a great time. I’m looking forward to seeing PIL, Pavement, Echo and the Bunnymen, ZTrip, She and Him, Muse, and The Specials! In my opinion, the overall lineup is pretty good this year. Thankfully I will be out on sabbatical when the show is scheduled which will give me extra days to recover.

Speaking of sabbatical, this is my second sabbatical and this time I took an additional two weeks off, for a total of six weeks off. Oh and it’s all with pay! This is probably one of the best perks that my company offers, every five years we get four weeks off. The first time I only took four weeks and it just wasn’t enough time. I’ve got big plans for my ‘to do list’ during this time off. Install new flooring in two bedrooms, baseboards, and crown molding, acid wash and repaint the pool, and if at all possible retile the small bathroom. It’s a huge list I know, but everything on that list desperately needs to get done. I’ll also be going to Raleigh for ten days to see my sis and Maggie. I plan on hunting down some antique shops too. Good times.

On the baby front, we’re moving forward and have met with a fertility specialist to figure out why I’ve had two consecutive miscarriages and most importantly why now am I able to get pregnant. For the past twelve years we have not had any luck, why now? We have a bunch of testing to get through over the next few months. Courtney has got it easy, me on the other hand, well, I can’t start testing until everything gets back to normal. Hopefully next month I can start all the tests. I’m still holding out hope that the third time will be the one that sticks.

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