I heart Depeche Mode

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Even more than Twilight, can you believe it? Depeche Mode and I go way, way back. When I moved to Phoenix I got the chance to see them for the first time and I became a truly devoted fan. I’ve seen every Phoenix show since 1988, went to Vegas to see them at the Hard Rock, and this year LA.

While we were waiting for the show, we shared stories about the good old days when there was general admission and we had to wait for hours in line at Veterans in the middle of summer and we all wore black just to get somewhere close to the stage. While I remember each and every show, what really pulls at my heartstrings are the memories that I have of Depeche Mode at full volume in my little Honda CRX and driving all over Phoenix with my friends. Here we all are, closer to forty than thirty, and when Martin Gore came out to sing Somebody we were instantly seventeen again screaming as loud as we could. It amazes me that at this point in my life my love for this band is just as strong as it was when I was twelve. I took a moment and looked around me, it wasn’t just me that was screaming, so was every girl and even some boys.

I had an amazing time tonight with my all-time favorite band and four of my closest friends. No matter what happens guys, we will always have Depeche Mode to bring us together.

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I am still hooked on all things Twilight. Here is a link to the April GQ article with Robert Pattinson. There are some awesome pics in this issue too.

Sorry things have been quiet lately. the second job had me working like twenty-five hours a week, that’s on top of my normal forty. I asked them to reduce my hours and for this next week I only work two days. So much better! The extra time will allow me to post more often.

I love Arizona this time of year. I just stepped out of the office and it’s a beautiful 75 degree day. Why can’t it stay like this year-round? I’ve been trying to get up and get into work early this week so I can enjoy the afternoons. I think I’m going to head home in a few, grab the laptop and work from the backyard.

Speaking of the backyard…Courtney and I are doing a bit of spring cleaning in the backyard. I hate that it’s a mess. It needs new grass, new sprinkler system, deck needs to repainted and those damn oleanders need to go! I hate those things! Right now Courtney and I are fighting over what color to stain the deck. Once that is resolved we should be able to get it painted in one weekend. Then on to painting the house! Being a responsible homeowner is so much work!

I scored big time on the Depeche Mode tickets this week, section D row 1, which puts us about 15 rows away from the stage! So cool! I’m so excited. the new video is freaking awesome!

That’s all for now folks!

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A good distraction

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Depeche Mode
Ahh something else to obsess over besides Twilight!

The new album drops April 21st!  Looks like US dates will be after the Europe tour.  I can’t wait!

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