One of my goals this year is to make more of an effort to donate. Every week or two I comb through my coupons and spend two hours walking the grocery store aisles for the best deals. I started to notice that there were many opportunities to get stuff for free. Most of the time I passed those deals by because the products are not anything that I can use. It occurred to me one day that I could donate that stuff. I’m not paying for it so why not give it to someone that needs it. Makes total sense right? So tonight when we went to the grocery store I took advantage of the sale on canned veggies. I bought $19 worth of food, I had $12.45 in coupons so I spent $6.55 on food that will be donated. Not too shabby.

We’re not flush with extra cash or anything but for whatever reason, I feel compelled to give back more this year. Even though the holidays are over the food banks still need food to help people all year long. I have about twenty or so cans which isn’t much but if I can do a little every week I can still make an impact.

**UPDATE: if you want to help, here are some ideas and resources to check out: Resolve to Help the Hungry.**

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